About Us

Hunger Does Not Know Colour

Impact of Walk By Faith

Walk by Faith was founded by Vincent Chauke & Sharon Chauke year 2020, April seeing the need that our people have. Many travel to Gauteng Province looking for greener pasture only to find out that not everything is greener and some experiencing challenges of getting jobs. Most of the young adults we met some they do not have qualification but they have passion to improve the lives. As we go around Tshirela (Gauteng Province) next to metal company around the area, we discover that there are many young adults who are collecting left overs – metal scraps and collect clothes, bread, electronics from the dumping site that were we so that something must be in order to improve their someone’s live. Walk by Faith was formed.

We believe in "walking in complete fullness in God through Jesus" by being an example. We are bless to be a blessing, to make a difference in someone’s live.

What Do We Mean By Sharing Bread?

  1. Giving out clothes
  2. Helping Young Adults to apply for jobs (helping with CV, email, typing, print out their CV)
  3. Giving out Bread
  4. Helping them to start business for those who are interesting in selling Take 5 Juice on the streets (Street Vendors).
  5. Connecting them to employers.
  6. Reminding them that God Loves through Christ Jesus.

Volunteers Team